About Texas Tropical Plants

At Texas Tropical Plants Horticultural Services, we are passionate about using live foliage and decor to create lasting first impressions, curb-appeal, and enhancement of human environments.

We provide landscaping, interior, hospitality, floral, and holiday services in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Corpus Christi. Studies have proven the health benefits of having live plants in homes and workplaces. Plants do more than just look good; they also improve your health! For more information on how Texas Tropical can enhance your environment, please visit our Services section.

Doing Our Part to Be Good to Mother Nature

Our green methods include efficient routing of
service technicians, recycling all cuttings and material waste, use of low-emission propane landscape equipment, and sourcing of plants from local growers whenever possible.

Partnering with Worthy Causes

To help positively affect the world we live in, we regularly donate plants and planters to The Houston Zoo, Zilker Botanical Gardens, The Children’s Assessment Center, MHMRA, SPCA, Texas Churches/Synagogues, Higgins Branch Brenham, Ronald McDonald House, and The Leukemia Society. Please contact us if we can
assist your non-profit organization.

We Are Biophiliacs!

What’s that you ask? Biophilia is the innate affection humans have for other living things. The joy we experience when seeing a sweeping river valley, a dense forest, a thriving coral reef, a cute little puppy, or a colorful landscape. These are examples of experiences humans describe as being “soothing for the soul”. We are all biophiliacs and we need nature around us to help us feel our best and remain in-touch with our natural world. With live plants, we help people enjoy nature, both inside and out!

Our work can be seen in many distinguished Texas properties. Let us show you what Texas Tropical Plants can do to enrich your natural environment.

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