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user-icon Texas Tropical date-iconApril 20, 2017

Hoteliers Know Plants and Flowers Make the Difference

Fine hotels stir emotions and create a warm, inviting environment for their guests and visitors. All hoteliers understand the importance of using flowers and plants to achieve a perceived level of quality and create warmth and interest within their hotels.

Vibrant centerpieces and well-manicured foliage create an immediate impact on the guest experience, and hotels around the world are using “green” to create lasting impressions and gain competitive advantages over competing hotels. Management understands

the importance of the beautifully-designed lobbies needed to gain the repeat business of experienced world travelers. From luxury five star hotels to rustic resorts, plants and flowers have become an essential part of the design element, with their importance equaling that of the fine art in the lobby and the hotel culinary experience. Lack of plants and flowers seem to indicate that “corners are being cut”, while thoughtfully-designed live plants and flowers positively enhance the guest experience. And inside busy hotels around the world, pictures and selfies are usually taken with the luxurious foliage and flowers as the background. Using a professional horticultural service company like Texas Tropical Plants allows hoteliers to maintain the consistent elegance of beautiful foliage while maintaining a reasonable budget with measurable returns.

The Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. enjoys occupancy rates of over 85% each year, well above the national average of 68%. According to a scientific case study performed by Michael Evans, former Associate Professor of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management at the VA Polytechnic Institute, the hotel’s high occupancy rate is due to the largest investment in indoor gardens in the country. Currently there are 12 acres of indoor space with approximately 18,000 indoor plants (and 600 species) valued at well over $1 million. The rooms overlooking the gardens are the first to be reserved and command a premium price over rooms that do not offer garden rooms. And if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you’ve seen the “foliage wars” raging amongst the Strip’s nicest hotels. The gardens of the Wynn, the indoor jungle at the Mirage, and the amazing and ever-changing Conservatory at the Bellagio are all great examples of fine hotels using plants and flowers to gain an advantage over competitors, while creating lasting impressions for their guests. Texas Tropical Plants services fine hotel clients in every major Texas market. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our work can be seen in many distinguished Texas properties. Let us show you what Texas Tropical Plants can do to enrich your natural environment.

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